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Daily, there were 310 flights that flew from SFO to Mumbai, starting from early morning to late night.

As per from our perspective the lowest airfare of SFO to Mumbai is $477.24 and the average one is $738.31 and is approximately depends on the airline routine, So its best advice from us to book a flight 2-3 weeks ago to get the minimum fare meanwhile you can book your SFO to Mumbai flight at the same time.

You’re boarding from Sfo if from the San Francisco Airport and de-boarding at Chtarapati Shivaji International.

About San Francisco

San Francisco is the best place to visit with your family and friends; the beauty is made up with endless beauty and was surrounded by Pacific Ocean on its west side. San Francisco is officially a city from the one fourth part of the United States.

What is the most favorable time to visit San Francisco?

The best time to visit the San Francisco is staring of September till November. Summer and springs season is the best ever seasoning to explore Sfo.

The most famous tourist attractions of the San Francisco is Golden Gate Bridge, and pier 39 streets it all one of the most important place to explore. Another one is Golden Gate Park, Ghirardelli Square and the Ferry building also the Legion of Honor and the last one is museum of the African Diaspora.

Food & Famous Restaurants of San Francisco

  1. • Osito
  2. • Sula
  3. • Empress by boon
  4. • Tenderheart
  5. • Nari
  6. • Sorella

About Mumbai

Mumbai is known be the lands of bollywood celebrities home talent shows and thus it is the capital of Indian state of Maharashtra. The city has also history of ancient British rule. Mumbai has been famous for most the historic ancient monuments those were build by the Britishers. Mumbai Night life is also very famous.

Best time to visit Mumbai

The best month to visit November to February as per the climate of Mumbai remains cool down and moderate.

Places to explore in Mumbai

First place to explore in Mumbai that is marine derive, gateway of India and it is 25 km from the airport. Then you can go to Colaba Causeway Market which is 26 kilometer away from Mumbai Airport. Juhu beach and the distance from the airport are 6 /km. The major popular shrine is sidhivinayak temple which 11km from the airport. In last you can visit Hajji Ali dargah.

Local and famous dishes of Mumbai

  1. • Vada Pav
  2. • Missal Pav
  3. • Bhel Puri
  4. • Sev puri

Faqs on behalf of san Francisco to Mumbai

What would be the cheapest fare of San Francisco to Mumbai?

The finest ever cheapest fare is 42439 of flight san fransico to Mumbai

What would be the last flight from san fransico to Mumbai?

The last flight would be from SFO to Mumbai is United Airline UA 549 at 23:45

Is there any discount from provide while booking?

Yes you will definitely get discount on booking with us only at Travelolog website. We put discounted airline deal within every couple of weeks.

What should first you have to keep in your mind while booking?

At Travelolog , you can easily compare our prices to other then you can simply find out the perfect deal for you, Just as same we put best discounts on Sfo to Mumbai.

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