Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Accumulation of data from the Users
We are very responsible when it involves its customer’s privacy policy. As we main bound to keep every information provided by customer safe and secure, therefore, they believe us. the knowledge we take from the customer is merely for professional use like billing purpose, taking enquiries and for the appliance process. We don’t believe using customer’s information for the other purpose. we would like our customers to trust us and keep returning to us.

Use of User Information

The services which we provide to our customer enhance the services we offer to them. The services which we offer have the involvement of the third party and that we share your information with them only. Any information isn’t shared with the other party and you’ll totally believe us.

Approval of user to Utilize Personal Details

Our every particularly agrees with our privacy policy. to take care of the records of the purchasers the info is moved from one server to a different .

Information Security

We ensure to take care of the safety of each information provided to us by the customer and use all the methods to take care of it like, administration, electronic and physical. Every necessary measure is taken to guard the knowledge from any unauthorized access. Only the workers , managers and agents who work for the corporate have your information. To answer the queries and assist you properly, the knowledge is shared with the company’s associates.

The online gathering of Non-Personally-Identifiable Information

There are some techniques that we use to collect your Non-personally-Identifiable data. Check out:


they’re the interim data storage which analyzes the visit of the customer on the web site . We use these cookies to gather the knowledge and track your purpose of visit. These are the small data which is saved within the user’s device. If you don’t want that any website should identify your visit then there’s an option within the settings to vary that functionality.

Pixel Tags:

Pixel tags record the info at the time you visit or navigate any website. These are referred to as Clear GIFs. the knowledge regarding the user’s navigation is gathered by these technologies.

E-Mail Notifications & Newsletters

Get connected with us at [email protected]. Share your information like name, contact number, e-mail address, in order that we will contact you easily and may solve your travel query.

Third Party Associations & Links

We aren’t liable for any kind of information provided by the third party on our website, we only take responsibility for our website information. just in case these parties use your information therein case we aren’t responsible in any way. because the links provided by the third party on our website is simply for your convenience. We cannot control the activities performed by the third party.

Subject to vary

Without giving any prior notice the privacy policy are often changed by us. Keep yourself updated with the policies in order that once we modify any, you’re already updated. Be in reference to the web site to understand the main changes.

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Disclaimer : This website 100% relates information based upon travel for the purposes of disseminating information for the sake of our customers.

With due responsibility and reservations, we will disclaim that you use our website at your own risk. We are aware of some of the certain conditions under which our website may contain some hyperlinks that relate to other website content that promotes other website content that does not show the travel information.

We here warn you about the situation, and we do not take any responsibility for any data loss or damage caused to you. We, Travelolog, are not responsible. We assure your inability, but you have to complete the assurance before operating our website services. We are not third-party promoters; what we do is fetch information from the airline's digital website.

You aim to accurately represent the information provided to us on our website. You are solemnly responsible for your choices. For more information, you have to go through our website terms and conditions.

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