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There is no shortage of flight options when it comes to scheduling deals at Travelolog. Here are several premium and budget airlines that fly over this route. There are approximately 155 flights that fly daily from Phoenix to Bangalore, starting early in the morning and ending late at night. 0 are the nonstop flights, whereas 155 are the connecting flights.

Book your Phx to BLR flight tickets. Some of the preferred airlines that fly from Phx to Blr are American Airlines, Air India, Qatar Airways, Delta Airline, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Lufthansa Airline, Emirates Airline, British Airways, Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Air Canada, and Air France.

The lowest airfare from Phoenix to Bangalore is $486.24, whereas the average airfare is $487.16. Well, that completely depends on the airline's availability and timing. So, we suggest you book your domestic as well as international flight tickets at least 2–3 weeks in advance to avail of discounts on airline flight tickets.

About Phoenix

Phoenix is the cultural hub of central Arizona. It is located in the northern eastern part of the Sonoran Desert, and it is also recognized for its hot deserts. It is one of the fifth-largest cities in the United States of America. Sightseeing views of the amazing landscape. Phoenix is famous for its wonderful resorts and desert beauty.

The best time to visit Phoenix

The best time to visit Phoenix is from November to March. At this time, you will be able to see blue skies.

About Bangalore

Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, is the capital city of the Indian State of Karnataka. The city has now become a major, rapidly growing hub for the IT sector and corporate industries. Bangalore has amazing weather that attracts most travelers.

The best time to visit Bangalore

The best time to visit the city is from December to February, as at this time the climate remains calm. Pleasant

Places to explore in Bangalore

First visit Lal Bagh Botanical Garden; after that, on a walk of 3 km, you will be able to see Brigade Road. Visit Bangalore Palace. If you love architectural art, then it is one of the best places for them to explore. If you are a biodiversity lover, then you must visit Bannergattha National Park. Vidhan Soudha, situated in the center of the city, spans around 60 acres. Well, if you are the one who loves nature's boundaries, then don’t worry. From the hillocks of the Nandi Hills, you will be able to enjoy alluring sightseeing views. Don’t forget to visit the innovative film city. We advise you to visit some of the historic places, such as Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. Also, visit the Ramangara Wine Yard and see the real process of making vines.

Frequently Asked Questions on the PHX to BLR Flight Route?

1. Are there any direct flights that fly from Phoenix to Bangalore?

Currently, there are no specific airlines that fly directly from Phoenix to Bangalore. You have to take connecting flights.

2. Which airline preferred its flight ticket over the Phoenix-Bangalore route?

American Airlines, Air India, Qatar Airways, Delta Airline, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Lufthansa Airline, Emirates Airline, British Airways, Qatar Airways, and KLM Royal Dutch air Canada and Air France. These are some of the major airlines that offer flight service over this route.

3. When does the first flight fly from PHX to BLR?

The first airline that flies from Phoenix to Bangalore is Delta Airline DL 2109 at 06:00.

4. When is the last flight that flies from Phx to Blr?

The last flight that flies from Phoenix to Bangalore is also Delta Airline DL942 at 23:55.

5. Which is the most booked cabin class on this flight route?

The most booked cabin class over this flight route is Economy Class or Business Class.

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