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There is no dearth of options when it comes to the Portland to Vishakhapatnam flight booking. Several budget and premium airlines fly over this route. There are approximately various flights that fly from PDX to VTZ, starting from the morning until late at night. Out of these Portland to Vishakhapatnam flights, 0 are non-stop flights.

The lowest airfare from PDX to VTZ is $1134, and the average airfare is $873.60, depending on the airline's availability and timing. So it’s a suggestion to book your flight tickets at least 2-3 weeks in advance to avail of those discounted deals on airline flight tickets. Book your PDX to VTZ flight tickets at the same time.

You will board from Portland International Airport and de-board at Vishakhapatnam International Airport.

About Portland

Portland is a city situated in the Pacific Northwest and the most populous city in the US state of Oregon. Portland is identified as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the United States of America, encouraging green activities in transportation, buildings, and living. Portland is the most bike-friendly city in America. It is also one of the largest urban forests in the country.

The best time to visit Portland

The best time to visit Portland is in mid-June and August; at this time, the climate remains calm and pleasant.

About Vishakhapatnam

Vishakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, Visakha, or Waltair, is the largest and most populated city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located between the Bay of Bengal shore and the Eastern Ghats. It is the fourth-biggest city in south India and the second-biggest on the east coast of India, behind Chennai. There are the most popular landmarks in Vizag.

Best time to visit Vizag

The most suitable time to visit Vizag is from October to March; these months are the most suitable to explore during this time when the weather is cool and calm.

Places to explore in Vishakhapatnam

There are various top tourist destinations to explore. Start your journey from Yarada Beach, Katiki Waterfall; this waterfall is the best place to visit in Vizag for nature lovers and hike lovers. Then explore Kailasagiri, a magnificent park on a quaint hilltop in Vishakhapatnam. Go and explore the submarine museum. This Kalvari-class museum of the submarines of the Indian Navy was once separated. Then explore the whole Vuda Park, which is a prominent tourist spot. Simhachalam Temple, also known as the Shri Varaha Lakshmi Temple, is located on the Simhachalam hill in Vizag. Rishikonda Beach is a pristine white beach situated about 8 km from the Vizag city center. Gangavaram Beach borders the coast of Vishakhapatnam around the Gangavaram beach.

Best beaches to visit in Vishakhapatnam

• Ram Krishna Beach

• Gangavaram Beach

• Lawson’s Bay Beach

• Rushikonda beach

Frequently Asked Questions on Flight PDX to VTZ?

1. How many of the flights fly between Portland and Vishakhapatnam daily?

Around the daily flights that fly from Portland to Vishakhapatnam. Out of which 0 are direct and 0 are connecting flights on this route, there are some of the major airlines on this route.

2. What is the most booked class on the Portland to Vishakhapatnam flight route?

The most booked flights on the PDX to VTZ route are economy class and business class.

3. When does the first flight fly from PDX to VTZ?

The first flights that fly from PDX to VTZ are in the morning at 06:45.

4. When was the last flight that flew from PDX to VTZ?

The last flights that fly from PDX to VTZ are late at night at 11:45.

5. What will be the largest number of seats that can be reserved in a single booking?

You can reserve seats for up to nine people in a single transaction.

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